Recap From The Family Round-table

Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord.

Re-Cap from our Family Roundtable Meeting

Sunday, October 24th

We had a wonderful time of worship, fellowship and delicious food (special thank you to the Stricklings and Watsons for the great lunch).

After a time of Scripture Reading, Worship and Prayer, we waited before the Lord for Him to speak to us. One person received a picture of a newborn baby and had the impression of a very proud and pleased parent wanting to show off their new child. We were aware that the Lord was pleased with the birth of Christ The King Vineyard Church and was encouraging us to keep going. That we would be under His nurturing and care as we continue to grow up into what He intends for us to become.

We also were given 1 Corinthians 2 as a direction and encouragement.

We don’t move forward with brilliance of speech or wisdom (verse 1) we do not put on a show or strive to entertain. We do not rely on our skill and talent, but we come in humility and weakness (verse 3). We will be singularly focused on Jesus Christ and Him crucified and we rely on a demonstration of the Spirit’s power so our faith is in God and not man. (verses 2, 4-5).

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no human heart has conceived what God has prepared for us, as we continue to love Him with all our hearts (verse 9). God will reveal to us by His Holy Spirit what is in the depth of God’s heart and what is on His mind for us and for our community (verses 10-13).

We discussed the general business of the church and reviewed the Vision and Values that will guide us going forward.

We will be both WORD and SPIRIT oriented (which is a traditional Vineyard Value).

We will be thoroughly Biblical and fully Charismatic – not diluting either. As has been

said since the early days of the Vineyard Movement, “All Word and no Spirit we will

dry up, all Spirit and no Word we will blow up, with the Spirit and the Word we grow


Our 2 priorities are:

Presence Driven – our focus will be knowing and encountering God through

word and deed. Everything we do will be birthed out of our private and

corporate relationship with Jesus. We will not engage in programs just for the

sake of having programs, but we will focus our efforts on specifically what Jesus

reveals to us by His Spirit. Everything comes from the ONE THING! (Luke 10:42,

Psalm 27:4&8; Matthew 18:20)

A Prepared People – our focus will be to equip every person – from the youngest

to the oldest - to know Jesus in a personal relationship and be prepared to do the

works that Jesus did. (Luke 1:17, John 14:12-13, Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 1:8)

Houses vs Heralds

Over the course of church history in the United States, churches have largely been

centered around the Pastor who would function as a Herald of the Gospel. People

would be brought to church to hear the gospel presented by the Pastor.

Today, we believe God is raising up Houses, not just Heralds. Everyone in the church

will carry the same DNA and be equipped to worship, pray and minister in

partnership with the Holy Spirit. Leaders will be simply one among many. Our church

will be known as a place where God works through everyone, not just a few special



It was decided that we will not do Facebook Live going forward so we can be freed from the constraints that the LIVE Video presents. Instead, we will record our worship meetings and then make them available on YouTube, Facebook and our Website after it has been edited for time and content. We want to be free to move with the Holy Spirit in our meetings and do not want people to feel constrained by a live video feed to the world. Anything of a personal nature will be edited out before the video is made public, to honor and protect our members and attendees.

We are excited for the days ahead as we begin to press out and engage with our community. Prayer will be a defining activity for us going forward. We are looking for and praying through what day of the week will be best for us to come together simply for prayer and seeking the heart of God. We will be announcing a new time for our weekly prayer meeting very soon. We also want to make the prayer meeting available through Zoom for those who cannot attend in person.

As the weekly prayer meeting goes, so goes Christ The King Vineyard Church.

We also we will be working towards advertising for an Interest Meeting in January 2022. You will see ads from time to time on Facebook and Instagram. Please like and share the ads as you are able... to give them more coverage. After Christmas, we will be inviting everyone we have contact with to attend an Interest Meeting in January to learn more about the Church and meet our current members.

Also, like and subscribe to our YouTube Channel so more people will be exposed to our meetings. Lastly, don’t forget to carry Business Cards with you to use as invitations to church. The Business Card leads to our website where people can find out all the details about our church (note: the website is updated weekly). Take time to get familiar with our website if you haven’t already.

Above all, continue to pray for Christ The King Vineyard Church. We are excited about what God is going to do over the next year. As the prophet Zechariah records in Zechariah 4: not despise the day of small beginnings (verse 10)... for it is not by strength or by might, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts (verse 6).

Come Holy Spirit!

-- Dan & Laura Sanders

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