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We invite you to join a new community of people who desire to know and experience God.  We look for God in the ordinary -- where He is always present and always working -- inviting us to say YES to what He is doing.  

Here is what to expect as you plan your visit...

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We are expecting to announce we will begin in-person worship services soon.  We will be meeting in members' homes while we are looking for a space to accommodate us on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

We have tried to create a relaxed environment where you can connect with God and with new friends.  Although we are a small group in our formative stages, we are ordinary neighbors and friends seeking God... just like you!  We are not out to embarrass you or put you on the spot.  You are welcome to pursue God at your own pace and participate at whatever level you choose.  

So... what should you expect when attending one of our gatherings?

A warm, authentic group of people who love God and each other.  Although we are just a handful at this early stage, we are confident that God is preparing and gathering people who are wanting more in their relationship with God and long to be in the middle of what God is doing in our community today.

A relaxed atmosphere...  You do not need to "dress-up" to attend.  When you arrive you will notice people mingling  and enjoying the company of each other.  

We are happy to announce that we will begin in person meetings on Sunday, May 9th.  We will be meeting in the Sanders' home until a new space is located.  There will be plenty of room for us to social distance.  There will be masks and hand sanitizer available.  Due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, we will not be having organized children's activities.  However, we will have special tables set up in the worship area for children to sit with a parent and color or read special Bible activities during the service if needed.  

We value relationships... so we hope you would consider arriving early or hanging around for a little while after our meeting to get to know new friends.  

Our Sunday Worship Meeting

Our worship gathering generally lasts about 90 minutes.  We follow a "WORD & TABLE" pattern for our meeting.  This pattern has been practiced by the Church for over 1,800+ years.  We include those Biblically based liturgical and sacramental elements that have been practiced throughout church history -- such as weekly communion, baptism, public reading of the Scriptures and corporate prayers -- along with the teaching and preaching of God's word and worship through song. 


Christian liturgy is “the work of the people.”  John Wimber (founding leader of the Vineyard Movement), speaking of kingdom ministry, taught that “everybody gets to play.”   Thus, we seek participation over performance.  We want to engage as many people as possible in all elements of our worship experience.  Together, as followers of Jesus Christ, we have an ancient faith and today we seek fresh expressions of the practices of worship found in the Scriptures and in the early church that connect with our present world and our future hope.  


The first half of our worship gathering is centered around the Word of God (the writings in the Bible -- also called the Scriptures).    

          +   We worship together by offering praise and thanksgiving to God through the singing of

                contemporary worship songs and hymns.

          +   We practice the public reading of the Scriptures lead by various members of the church.

          +   We receive a teaching from the Scriptures by one of our Pastors, Elders or Ministry Leaders.


The second half of our worship gathering is centered around prayer and the communion table.

         +    We intercede together through corporate and individual prayers for our families, our churches,

               our communities, our nation and the global work of God through the Body of Christ. 

         +    We receive communion together as a church  -- as constituted by Jesus Christ with his disciples.

         +   We engage in personal ministry with one another through prayer as led by the Holy Spirit.

We eagerly desire the life-giving activity of the Holy Spirit and anticipate the tangible reality of God ‘s presence with us (Acts 1:8, I Corinthians 4:24-25).  We continually seek to follow God’s leading as we believe He is always working to bring about the transformation of our lives, our families and our communities.  We desire to be authentic in our response to God without hype or manipulation.  We value corporate and personal ministry that comes alongside people to compassionately invite the Holy Spirit’s work of healing and encouragement.  Our priority and our prayer is that all who gather will know that "God is really among us."  

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Every Sunday at 10:30AM

Every Wednesday at 7:00PM